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Ef~Opening(s) ♥

Current Mood: Moody

Euphoric Field
Vocals: ELISA
Lyrics: N. Sakai
English translation: Emi Nishida
Composition: TENMON
Arrangement: TENMON

Why am I standing alone in the twilight
Let me go, no more lonely nights
I take a deep breath under the hazy sky
Feel like losing, but it’s gonna be alright

Break through the night, go and try to fight
Don’t be afraid, now is the time

Be alive, take it
I surely feel my heartbeat
There’s no limit to my reach
I say good-bye to my tears that I don’t need
So believe in my dream

Don’t look back to the sorrow I left behind
Here’s my real intention I hide
I wish you were here, and so just right by my side
Need to be strong enough to swallow my pride

I have been looking for my own style
Don’t give it up, here comes the life

Be alive, take it
I have learned a great deal
Brighten our sweet memories
Hope there will be a future for you and me
So believe in your dream

Be alive, take it
Promise to find, yes I will
Shining wings filled with wishes
Fly high, make it
Get to the new world that I seek
Someday, so I believe

Il videogioco invece ha questa opening, diretta da Makoto Shinkai.
Consiglio inoltre questo Anime music video sulle note della Opening! ^___^ E chi puo' guardi l'anime che merita! ;D



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Dec. 15th, 2007 12:54 am (UTC)
Ma quant'è bello EF!!! Il regista da le paghe a un sacco di gente!
Dec. 15th, 2007 01:02 am (UTC)
Nel 10° episodio c'e' pure una citazione sui Dango! XD
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