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Dopo il settimo? (No Spoiler)

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Dalle ultime interviste di J.K. Rowling :


"I think I can say categorically that I will not write another fantasy after Harry," she says, making herself and her publicists, who hover nearby, visibly nervous. "Wait, now I'm panicking. Oh, my God! Yes, I'm sure I can say that. I think I will have exhausted the possibilities of that. For me." Beyond that, she isn't giving away many clues, but she's approaching the project with her usual ruthless skepticism. "We'll have to see if it's good enough to be published. I mean, that is a real concern, obviously, because the first thing I write post Harry could be absolutely dreadful, and, you know, people will buy it. So, you know, you're left with this real insecurity."


Couric: If you, God forbid, got hit by a bus...

Rowling: Yeah, it's perfectly possible, I'm a very distracted person.

Couric: Does anybody know your ideas for book seven?

Rowling: No.

Couric: Nobody? Not a soul?

Rowling: No.

Couric: Not Neil?

Rowling: I wouldn't tell- Neil would forget. You know, he wouldn't be a good person to tell anyway. No, no one knows. Which is good, because if I do get hit by a bus, I would really hate to think someone else was going to take over. It's my baby.

And as she looks forward to a literary life beyond Harry Potter, Jo says she will savor her final journey aboard the Hogwarts Express.

Couric: When you finish it, and obviously you have a lot of work ahead of you, are you going to be sad or-

Rowling: Yeah. It's going to be really emotional to say goodbye. I'm going to find it very difficult. But it must be done, it must be done. It's been a fabulous ride, but you have to know when to get off, and I know when to get off, and it will be the end of book seven.

Couric: Terrifying, though, to think about what you'll do next-

Rowling: No, liberating. Definitely. Yeah. It is. The world is my oyster. I can do whatever I like.


MA: If you were to write anything else on the Harry Potter series would it be about Harry Potter himself or another character or a reference book?

JKR: The most likely thing I’ve said this a few times before, would be an encyclopedia in which I could have fun with the minor characters and I could give the definitive biography of all the characters.

E con questo penso che chi avesse dubbi su ulteriori libri di Harry Potter dopo il 7, bhe'... ora non li ha piu' ;)


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Jul. 18th, 2005 07:24 am (UTC)
lo voglio
basta volgio leggerlooooooooooooo

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